Ways to Market a Business Today

social mediaOne of the top marketing challenges for most businesses is lack of budgeting resources. Any business involved in service industry such as tow truck, hotel industry, among others, need to market themselves to be discovered. Unless you are a startup with a venture or angel capital you will probably have a very shoestring budget to work with. Even if you have a very small budget, it doesn’t mean you should struggle in your marketing efforts. Here are ways to go about it.


Use social media marketing

If you are in any business and looking forward to get clients, you must be on social media. Popular social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn are leading platforms where thousands of your customers are waiting. Each of these social media channels are unique, and require a classified way of making engagements.


Create Valuable content

People are all over the internet looking for valuable content that can solve their needs. If you have a blog or social media channel, it can be good to accelerate your business, but the real question lies on the type of content you are posting on these platforms.


Email Marketing

emailThe power of email marketing cannot be underestimated. When you have a product or service in your offering, ensure that customers can get it over a website. When customers come to your website, it presents a very good opportunity to capture their details, especially email. Build a list of your customers and using their email list, send them exclusive offers.


Leverage advertising channels

You need to leverage the power of advertising channels. These are channels such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter among others that can be used to push your message forward. There are also conventional advertising mediums such as radio and TV that can be equally important in ensuring your message gets out there. Ensure that you understand which channels are bringing the best results so that you can spend more time and resources on these channels for better performance.



Besides all your marketing efforts, you must leverage your efforts by measuring your advertising and marketing. You need to make use of data analytics to ensure that you can explain where your marketing dollars are going and the impact your marketing is having in terms of growth and performance. Businesses that just advertise without measuring performance put themselves under the risk of spending too much on the wrong channels.

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